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Discover insights from PACT 2020

Want to drive more results and value with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics? With our selection of 2020 PACT videos, you’ll hear from leading retailers, industry experts and Zebra executives discussing how you can increase margins, compliance and efficiency with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics.
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Discover insights from PACT 2020.

If you registered for PACT 2020 you should have received a password to attend. This is the password you need to access the videos below. If you don’t remember your password, please reach out to Michele Schwanke at michele.schwanke@zebra.com.

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PACT Day 1

PACT 2020 Day 1: Opening Presentation
PACT 2020 Day 1: Steve Brown, The Bald Futurist
PACT 2020 Day 1: Adrian Beck, Emeritus Professor, Leicester University, UK
PACT 2020 Day 1: Sam’s Club Session
PACT 2020 Day 1: Tractor Supply Session
PACT 2020 Day 1: Walgreens Session

PACT Day 2

PACT 2020 Day 2: Andrea Weiss, Founding Partner, The O Alliance
PACT 2020 Day 2: Zebra Enterprise Asset Intelligence Vision for the Future
PACT 2020 Day 2: Leading German Sportswear Manufacturer
PACT 2020 Day 2: The GIANT Company
PACT 2020 Day 2: Specialty Apparel Retailer
PACT 2020 Day 2: Analytics or Anecdotes
PACT 2020 Day 2: Calculations and Configurations
PACT 2020 Day 2: Driving Cross-Functional Communication
PACT 2020 Day 2: Integration Nation

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